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Vigorous AT 601

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All-terrain traction

HiFly: Vigorous AT 601 by Size

All-terrain traction

HiFly Vigorous AT 601

The HiFly Vigorous AT 601 delivers on- and off-road performance at a wallet-friendly price.

  • Grippy tread to prevent hydroplaning
  • On- and off-road traction
  • Ruggedly stylish tread pattern

How it's done:The HiFly Vigorous AT 601 is constructed with a special rubber compound and wider-than-average footprint so you can enjoy longer, more durable traction. Built with a joint-less nylon band, this light truck tire has a stiffer tread for all-terrain travel and more stability at high speeds. The open shoulder grooves provide extra grip on wet roads so there is less chance of hydroplaning. Bottom line, this tire packs a lot of value at a comfortable price and is backed by a 40,000-mile manufacturer's warranty.